Honoring the Victims with Traditional Memorial Service

Addis Ababa:  22 March 2019

Local residents of Gimbichu Woreda (district), where ET 302/10 March accident happened, held traditional memorial service on March 21, 2019 to honor those who lost their lives in the accident.  

The memorial service, led by local religious fathers and community elders, marks the deep compassion and heart felt condolences of Ethiopians, sharing the grief of all humans.

Regarding the service, Ethiopian Group CEO, Mr Tewolde GebreMariam remarked, “I am deeply touched by the commemoration the local residents observed in their own initiative. It is such a compassionate gesture which highlights the unique deep rooted love and affection of Ethiopians, and consoles all hearts grieving for the lives lost in the accident. I would like to thank all the local residents for their extraordinary compassion and solidarity with the families and loved ones of the deceased and the entire world.”