Ethiopian Airlines Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

Aircraft Maintenance program & Task Card Engineering

  1. 1. Development of Maintenance Programs for aircraft, engines and components
  2. 2. Development of Minimum Equipment List (MEL) to regulate dispatch of an aircraft
  3. 3. Preparation of Job Cards for Maintenance, Overhaul, and Inspection requirements with task Procedures, Tools and Materials requirements

Aircraft System Engineering

  1. 1. Performing Engine Monitoring & Diagnostics
  2. 2. Handling engine Fleet Management
  3. 3. AD/SB monitoring , accomplishment and reports preparation
  4. 4. Modifications
  5. 5. Reliability Analysis
  6. 6. DFDR data analysis
  7. 7. Incident/Accident Investigation / Assessment
  8. 8. AC Configuration Management
  9. 9. Technical assistance ( Remote and onsite … various cases ..

 Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Record Controls

  • Define yearly aircraft maintenance requirement based on the flight  schedule (level of operation) for budget year.
  • Prepare and post short term, mid-term and long term Aircraft Maintenance Forecast on ET’s Portal for customers and suppliers of the section.
  • Prepare and post Level of Operation for all ET MRO user departments.
  • Prepare and release aircraft maintenance Man-hour Plan.
  • Coordinate with Passenger and Cargo commercial to arrange ground time for aircraft maintenance checks.
  •  Define,  prepare and plan aircraft maintenance work packages on ET MRO IT system, Maintenix for aircraft base maintenance visit.
  • Coordinates with Material and Tool Planning for timely availability of all required aircraft part, tool and materials of Maintenance Work packages.
  •  Follow, coordinate and control the timely execution of aircraft maintenance checks in base maintenance environment.
  • Coordinates with IOCC (Integrated Operations Control Center) to give aircraft maintenance status information and to get flight schedule for incoming or outgoing aircraft to base maintenance.
  • Prepare and release maintenance analysis and performance related reports in Ethiopian MRO.     
  •  Evaluating third party customer package for Man-hours, Tools/Material, Capability and TAT  for aircraft and components maintenance .
  • Preparation of Job Cards or Customize third party customer Job cards per ET MRO standard  for Maintenance, Overhaul, and Inspection requirements with task Procedures, Tools and Materials requirements after bid.
  • Planning and Preparation of Work Package   for  aircraft Maintenance  material  and  Tools   requirements.
  • Coordination of Total Care Support  as focal point for Aircraft System Engineering and Planning section.
  • Providing Technical Support to technicians of third party customer aircraft maintenance checks.   

Aircraft Data and Record Management

  • Digital scanning and archiving of aircraft documents           
  • Online access of aircraft documents for lessor and regulatory bodies review
  • ircraft online data export, mass search and download services
  • Onsite inspection and audit of aircraft and component documents during aircraft deliveries and redeliveries
  • Giving status of aircraft and Components complied AD , complied SB, LLP, Hard Time and OC/CM lists

Tool Engineering

  • Development of Aircraft load carrying tools /Slings/equipment’s program and proof load testing procedures
  • Development of Aircraft Service equipment’s program
  • Assessment of Maintenance Facilities, ground Support Equipment and Tooling Requirements
  • Phase in (Entry in to service) preparation for Aircraft Scheduled and UN-scheduled maintenance tooling and equipment requirements
  • Development of Tool NEED Analysis report (TNA) for Aircraft Scheduled and UN-scheduled maintenance requirements
  •  Audit performance of tools and Equipment with the objective of insuring conformance with manufacturers' specifications and meeting Regulatory body requirements
  • Development of tool modifications documents based on manufacturers Tool Service Bulletin
  • Design of special tools and/or test equipment by reviewing of manufacturer test procedures; or design specifications