Ethiopian Airlines MRO
EA Aproved


  • ECAA Approved



  • FAA Approved



  • EASA Approved

The Engine shop has over 55 years of experience in engine maintenance and it has been working with many airlines, engine lessors and other customers. Placed on 12,000 Sq. m, the shop is equipped with state of art machines and tools to deliver services to our customers from all over the world.

  • We have highly qualified professionals, with wide range of experience
  • We are certified by ECAA, FAA and EASA
  • We are working to include wide range of services with more expansion plans to meet the needs of our customers


Engine maintenance

Complete repair, modification, overhaul and testing of:

  • PW150A
  • CFM56-7B
  • APUs: GTCP331-200, GTCP131-9B/9A

Modular maintenance 

  • PW2000 series
  • PW4000 series
  • GEnx-1B

On-site support


  • HPC top & bottom case repairs
  • Module replacements
  • Gearbox repairs & replacement
  • Engine changes
  • Borescope inspection and boroblending
  • Engine preservation


  • Engine changes
  • Borescope inspection and boroblending
  • Engine preservation
  • Modular assembly and disassembly

Engine teardown

We provide complete engine teardown for CFM56-7B

Test cell

In support of its engine overhaul facility, Ethiopian utilizes a fully equipped jet engine test stand and a two-cell modern turboprop engine test bed. The 100,000 lb thrust test cell - a capacity significantly above the current power level for wide-bodied aircraft - provides a safe environment in which to fully test overhauled engines.

Our test cell can test the following engines:

  • CFM56-7B
  • PW2040
  • PW4060
  • PW150A
  • GTCP131-9B/9A
  • GTCP331-200
  • GEnx-1B



A range of special process shops equipped with state of art  machines have capabilities such as:

  • Machining
  • Electro-chemical plating
  • Thermal spray
  • Welding
  • Plasma spraying , and
  • Vacuum furnace heat treatment