Operation Support Services

This Department is highly engaged in two major activities namely:

  1. 1. Central Load Control

Safety of passengers and structural integrity of aircraft are our primary focus in remote weight and balance services. To guarantee safety at all times, we ensure that the center of gravity is always within certified limits and structural weight and balance restrictions are never exceeded.

The first product in the handling process is the Loading instruction, a Map of where the load should be placed given the estimation of load and cargo, fuel, passenger figures and so on. The final product is the actualized planning with figures that accurately represents all variables and adhere to all international regulations

We ensure that all participants in the handling process including Ramp, Check-in, Captain, Cargo, as well as any support function are steered towards the completion of a safe handling.

Load Control Planning is a specialized field of ground handling that closely linked to aircraft safety. Our weight and balance agents are highly trained and are kept updated with the latest rules and regulations of aircraft handling in order to prepare accurate and precise load sheets and loading instructions. We also prepare and make data available to your Aircraft crew members to help them arrive at important and highly-critical flight related decisions.

Central Load control includes:

  • Weight and balance calculation of Ethiopian and customer Airline Flights Globally
  • Issuing the documentation for the complete flight handling process including loading instruction and Manual or EDP load sheet
  • Communication with the various stakeholders providing (loading)instruction and managing the entire Central Load Control activity
  • System Support for Sabre Sonic check-in and emerge load Manager system

CLC uses later Version of sabre emerge load manager database and application for weight and balance purposes. The system allows load planners to see real time ideal balance condition that provides fuel efficiency

  • Load planning
  • Flight Dispatch Assistance
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Documentation
  • We prepare Notification to Special Load and Dangerous Goods
  • Preparation of General Declaration

The below major aircrafts are handled by Our Load Control personnel who are fully licensed and certified too

Central Load Control handles a wide range of Boeing Aircraft types including

  • Q400
  • Boeing 737-800, 737-700, 737-Max8
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 757
  • Boeing 767-300
  • Boeing 777-200, 777-300
  • Boeing 787-9, 787-8
  • Airbus Aircrafts 320,330 and 350
  • Bombardier Aircrafts

Apart from operation, our facilities are also designed to handle numerous airline customers and services as a vital key to successful flight handling.