Ethiopian Airlines Ground Planes

GSE and ULD Management

  • To ensure the safety and security of all cargo/baggage that is accepted and loaded to the aircraft, we ensure that all our personnel receive the relevant training and licenses to perform safety and security functions.
  • Ensuring the maintenance activity related to GSE equipment has done effectively and releasing of equipment’s to the operation on time.
  • Monitoring effective preventive maintenance are done to GSE/GTV and non-motorized equipment’s
  • Managing and controlling effective ULD circulation through Champ ULD manager system.
  • Maintenance of containers at HUB

Ground Support Equipment’s currently engaged in our operation

  •        Belt Loader
  •        Scissor Lift/High Loader
  •        Passenger Steps
  •        Towing tugs
  •        Wheel Chair Trucks
  •        Pallet Transporter
  •        Forklifts
  •        Ramp Bus
  •        Cloud-9 Bus
  •        Cherry Picker
  •        VIP Bus
  •        Crew Bus
  •         Mini Bus
  •        Aircraft Tow Trucks
  •        Air conditioning Units
  •        Air Start Units
  •        Ground Power Units