Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy Leadership Training
  • Qualifications Needed For Leadership Training


    The trainings are provided to third party customers on demand basis.

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    1. Leadership Trainings        

    • Executive Management
    • Workshops & Experience Sharing.
    • Decision Making & Problem Solving        
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Strategic Leadership      
    • Succession Management             
    • Management Consultancy          
    • Team Management       

    2. Communication

    • Development Courses
    • Communication Skill (Basic)       
    • Communication Skill (Advanced)             
    • Soft Skill Topics: (Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Social Networking, Self-Awareness, Self-Motivation, Relationship Management, Values, Interpersonal Intelligence, etc.)          

    3. Managerial trainings            

    • Project Management (Basic)      
    • Project Management (Advanced)            
    • Office Management      
    • Systems & Procedures  
    • Logistics & Supplies Management           
    • Strategic Management
    • Maintenance Planning & Management 

    4. Human Resource Development    

    • Performance Management & BSC            
    • Coaching & Mentoring  
    • Human Capital management     
    • Workplace Ethics             
    • Corporate Culture           
    • Advanced Customer Service       
    • Customer Service            
    • Time Management        
    • Code of Conduct and Workplace Discipline          
    • Change Management (Basic)     

    5. Finance and audit Trainings

    • Financial Management 
    • Modern Internal Auditing            
    • Fraud Prevention            
    • Quality Management    
    • Occupational Safety & health     
    • Cost Management (Cost Saving & Control)           
    • Risk Management (Basic)            
    • Risk Management (Advanced)   

    6. English language trainings.             

    • General English:  (Beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, Intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced)               
    • Aviation English for:  Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (an ICAO Course)
    • ICAO English Language Proficiency RATING for ab-initio and line pilots.  
  • Leadership Training



    Leadership Trainings

    Ethiopian Airlines launched the Human Resources Training and Development Program to its employees and third party customers in 1968. The major programs conducted under this program consist of Leadership Development Program (LDP) and Career Development Program (CDP)

    The aim of Leadership Development Program (LDP) was to Develop and update managerial competences of Management personnel to meet future business needs. While the Career Development Program (CDP) aims to assure effective and continuous development of employees at all levels to meet a particular position requirement per progression scheme and regulatory requirement.

    These programs helped trainees to:

    • Upgrade employee’s knowledge to cope with business, technological changes and improve their managerial effectiveness and practice.
    • To ensure that personnel who perform work affecting safety and quality of the operation maintain their competency on the basis of continuous improvement program.
    • Improve job performance and organizational effectiveness.
    • Build employee skills and business professionalism to facilitate smooth transition from lower to higher management
    • Set hierarchy of training to assure effective and continuous development of manpower at all levels to meet a particular position requirement and regulatory requirement.
    • Develop and update managerial competence of Management personnel to meet future business needs.


    Currently, the following courses are offered in the leadership and career development training centre for other third party customers.  For more information on each course, please click the programs menu on the nest bar.