• Qualifications for Sales Commercial and Ground Operations Trainings

    Qualifications needed for Airline Sales & Marketing Program                

    Ticketing, Airport, Cargo, Ramp, Ticketing and Airport Customer Service

    •         High School Graduate or 10+2 Completions
    •        Age Minimum 18 years at the time of application
    •        There will be entrance exam based on Entrance Examination Applies requirement
    NB. Some refresher and recurrent programs may require other prerequisite trainings and previous work experience. 

  • Short Courses (Certificate Programs)

    Sales & Services for Travel Professionals  Phase I 

    • Introduction to Airlines
    • Passenger Reservations
    • Passenger Fares & Ticketing
    • Soft Skills
    • Customer Service
    • Professional Selling Skills 

    Sales & Services for Travel professionals- Phase II (Individual courses)

    • Professional Customer Care
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Communication Skills
    • Advanced Selling Skills 
    • Professional Telephone Handling

    Individual courses

    Airport Customer and Baggage Service Courses/Programs

    • Airport Passenger Handling
    • Sabre Sonic check-in (SSCI) also available on-line
    • Travel Document Verification
    • World Tracer also available on-line

    Cargo Operation

    • Basic Cargo Skills and Procedures
    • Basic Cargo Rating and Pricing-For Airline Finance & Accounting
    • Cargo Spot-Automated Cargo
    • Recurrent Cargo Skills and Procedures
    • Advanced Cargo Skills & Procedures
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations(Category-6 Initial & Refresher)
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations(Category 5 & 8  Initial & Refresher)
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations(Category 9,11,12- Initial & Refresher)
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations(Category 10- Initial & Refresher)
    • Live Animal Regulation-Initial/Refresher
    • Perishable Cargo Regulation -Initial/Refresher
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations Category 12
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations Category 8 & 10
    • Dangerous Goods Regulations Category 9 & 11

    Safety & Security

    • Occupational Health, Passenger , Ramp Safety, SMS & Human Factors
    • Ramp & Airside Safety
    • Defensive Driving
    • Aviation Security (AVSEC)

    Apron and Load Control Operations               

    • Ramp Handling-Initial
    • Ramp Handling-Refresher
    • Weight & Balance for Passenger Aircraft (Initial)
    • Weight & Balance for Freighter Aircraft (Initial)
    • Weight & Balance for Passenger Aircrafts(Refresher)
    • Weight & Balance for Freighter Aircrafts(Refresher)
    • Saber E-mergo(also available on-line)
    • Champ Cargo Weight and Balance System

    Airline Finance & Accounting

    • Principles of Accounting
    • Airline Accounting

    Ground Support Equipment(GSE)Trainings

    • Belt Loader (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Pallet Transporter (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Fork Lift (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Tug/Tow Tractor (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Scissor Lift (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Passengers Step (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Wheelchair Truck (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Ramp Bus/COBUS (Theoretical & Practical)
    • High Lift Truck (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Ground Power Unit (GPU) (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Air Start Unit (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Pushback Tractor/Pay Mover (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Grove (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Picker (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Platform (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Lavatory /Water Truck (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Portable Air Compressor (Theoretical & Practical)
    • Aircraft Jack Operation (Theoretical & Practical)

    Diploma Programs

    Airline Sales and Operations for Passenger & Cargo

    • Sales & Services for Travel Professional Phase I
    • Induction
    • Sabre Reservations & Ticketing
    • Airport Passenger Handling- Initial
    • SABRE Sonic Check-in
    • Central Baggage Tracing/World Tracer
    • Ethiopian Loyalty Program
    • Star Alliance Overview & Functional Training
    • Basic Cargo Skills & Procedures
    • SMS for Operational Personnel
    • Automated Cargo System /Cargo Spot
    • Dangerous goods regulation for general cargo acceptance personnel- Initial
    • Dangerous Goods Regulation for flight crew, load planners and flight dispatchers- initial
    • Dangerous Goods Regulation for cabin crew, passenger handling personnel and security screening- Initial
    • Live Animal Regulation - Initial
    • Perishable Cargo Regulations – Initial
    • Ramp Handling and ULD control for passenger- Initial
    • Weight & Balance for Passenger Aircraft- Initial
    • Weight & Balance for Freighter Aircraft-Initial
    • Automated Aircraft Weight & Balance System /Sabre Load Manager
    • Ramp Handling and ULD control for Cargo - Initial
    • Occupational Health, Passenger, Ramp Safety & Human Factors - Initial
    • DOT’s Non-Discrimination Rule on the Basis of Disability-Initial
    • English for Domestic Agents
    • Communication Skills
    • Cargo Warehouse and Systems Handling skills
    • Aviation Security for Domestic- Initial
    • Temperature Controlled Regulations – Initial
    • Automated Aircraft Weight & Balance System/ CHAMP
    • Saber E-mergo (also available on-line)
    • Customer Services II

    NB. This program has six weeks for on the job training. 

  • Ticketing, Airport, Cargo Services and Operations Training

    Aviation provides the only rapid worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business. It generates economic growth, creates jobs, and facilitates international trade and tourism.

    Moreover, as IATA puts it “There are few professions in the world today as exciting as selling travel. It is an education and experience rolled in one”

    You can be part of this exciting industry by joining our short term programs and get the following benefits.

    • Have an opportunity to work in any airline, travel & tour, hospitality industry
    • Have rewarding career with scope for unlimited remuneration
    • Opportunities to meet new people, explore new destinations and experience new cultures
    • Develop and enhance your interpersonal and selling skills
    • Contribute your share to the growth in tourism, environment and society

    Our courses combine the rich knowledge, we at Ethiopian Airlines have in the aviation industry in areas of operation, with the skills in sales, services and interpersonal relationships that are vital in the travel industry.

    Please find the details of trainings in our Program pages.