Ethiopian-Airlines catering

About Us

The modern and high tech Ethiopian catering under the expert eye of our production manager, the catering production team of highly trained local and international chefs can create for you everything from Ethiopian national dishes to a selection of world cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Ottoman, Italian, Halal and many more European dishes, range of breads, cakes, desserts and celebratory cakes. We are capable of producing more than 100,000 meals per day with the existing kitchen capacity. From a total of 25 Vehicles, Trucks Refrigerated 16, none refrigerated 4, Small Van – refrigerated 4, Small Van - None refrigerated 1. Our success continues today and we put our continued growth, down to our passion about food, passion about quality, and passion about looking after our customers.


European dish/meal services


European dish/meal services


European dish/meal services


European dish/meal services


11 Refrigerated high lift trucks 4 non refrigerated high lift trucks


3 Refrigerated van 1 non refrigerated van and 1 Automobile


24 hrs operation, 100,000 meals /day